Academic Position

  • Economist, International Economics Team, Economic Research Institute, Bank of Korea, 2020 - Present


  • University of Miami, Ph.D. in Economics, 2020 (Advisor: David Kelly)

  • University of Miami, M.A. in Economics, 2016

  • Florida Atlantic University, M.S. in Financial Economics, 2015

  • University of Washington, B.A. in Political Economy, 2012

  • Korea University, Visiting Student, 2011

Research Interest

  • Financial Economics, Banking, Sustainable Finance, Applied Economics

Referred Publications

  • "The Mechanism and Institution of the Financial Integration of the European Union", Journal of Korea Research Association of International Commerce, forthcoming.

  • "Ordoliberalism in the German Financial System: A comparison to the U.S. Financial System" (with Hoon Paik), Ordo Economics Journal, forthcoming.

Working Papers

  • "Financial Globalization: Effects on Banks' Information Acquisition and Credit Risk", BOK Working Paper No. 2021-03.

  • "Incorporating Environmental Criteria into Credit Markets: Market Segmentation through Tailored Loan Rates"( with David Kelly)

  • "Screening Cost Heterogeneity: Evidence from the South Korean Banking Sector"

Work in Progress

  • "Information Acquisition and BigTech Banking"

  • "The Effects of Social Learning on Survival: Evidence from Restaurants in South Korea during COVID-19"(with Gwang Min Kim) - data funded by the Bank of Korea

  • "Which Policy is Better for Green Project Entry" (with David Kelly)

  • “The Effects of Market size on Firms’ Entries and Exits” (with Jee Hoon Paik)

  • "Is it Cheap or Costly: Evidence from the peer-to-peer Lending Industry" (with Charles Danso)

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